For me , a 2-healing NB works
For me , a 2-healing NB works Sep 29

For me , a 2-healing NB works

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We could compare Overwatch with Project Titan or WoW, as well as what it might have been like if WoW were released in 2021. I believe WoW2021 would be constricted to some half-assed BGs, some Arenas and loot boxes.

If you take into account their well-known MMO, which is based on an IP that they've maintained and updated for over 15 years, it's a lie to claim they haven't done any work on the IP. What else are they doing other than Warcraft 4?

I would like to see a new version of WoW with a more powerful engine would be nice. Imagine height being a factor in combat , or projectiles that could actually get blocked or hit things that weren't originally their object of attack.

It's actually a sort of absurd and untrue argument. Modern expansions have an incredibly larger amount of mounts than the ones in TBC. I'd say there's plenty of variety in creation and acquisition. TBC was essentially dungeons drops Grindy daily for an image, and the nether dragons, which were an incredible design.

It's so offensive to consider paid advertising as part of an game. Classic was so wonderful since every cosmetic item was tied with an achievement in the game. Rare Mounts and other items were a big prestige item. They're not worth much after they can be purchased. It's so strange that people are still paying for mounts.

It's possible that there's less, but there's still iconic items in TBCC, like stunherald, Dst, dragonstrike, ashes of al'ar and so on. It's not as many dungeonblues or P1 items that last ridicolously Long as there were in the classic version, however.

I think that the note-worthy by-name items will drop off quickly in later expansions. With the exception of the maledict trinket, that was not remembered for good reasons, I can refer to a handful of wotlk and cata items.

For me , a 2-healing NB works, I will just pot earlier to back up to fully mana. I also have a shadow friend in the 2nd phase of ground and then pot CD ready before the close of fight , if I require it. I also carry runes , but rarely use them unless SHTF

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