While the game received a lot of positive review
While the game received a lot of positive review Sep 23

While the game received a lot of positive review

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Originally created with similarities to games like the NBA Jam or NBA Streets, NBA Playgrounds is designed to be an arcade basketball game holding a roster from both present and former NBA stars. It is possible to fill your roster with these players using the different packs available in the game. These packs are accessible in a variety of game modes inside NBA Playgrounds. It has received mixed praise and was criticized for its slow speed and the low drop rate from the pack of cards.

NBA Playgrounds received a follow-up after a steady increase in sales. After a lengthy wait and a long wait, the sequel finally came out in 2018. It was a lot like the original game but had some changes and improvements. There were numerous improvements such as improved matchmaking online and new playground options. Despite all the changes and enhancements, the game was heavily criticised for its abrasive microtransactions that have been fast becoming a norm of modern sports games.

One of the most recent additions to the NBA 2K lineup, NBA 2K20 comes with a wide range of new settings that can be customized to the game modes. The game lets players create six teams in the game modes MyLeague or MyGM. These teams are also able to be relocated whenever the player chooses. The series also features the first appearance of WNBA teams. NBA 2K20 was heavily criticised for its excessive microtransactions in the MyTeam game mode.

NBA 2K19 is the first game in the series that wasn't released for Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3. NBA 2K19 is also the first game in the series that has an CBA Mandarin Chinese option for the commentary in career mode.

Despite providing several improvements in gameplay when compared to its predecessor, the game faced a great deal of critique from players. As was the case with the sequel, its microtransactions practice left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot gamers who bought the game and led to massive condemnation from players. Kobe Bryant was the cover character for the eleventh installment in the series, that was also the first release for the PSP. NBA 2K10 introduced MyPlayer and Association modes that became hugely loved by fans. Both would be featured in a number of franchise titles.

While the game received a lot of positive review, gamers were dissatisfied by the online game options and a handful of bugs that could cause an extremely slow frame rate. Some players also voiced their displeasure with the game's A.I. with players and teams from opposing teams often acting strangely, leading to some very hilarious moments.

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