Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins rookie WR in Madden 22
Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins rookie WR in Madden 22 Sep 14

Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins rookie WR in Madden 22

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Madden 22 will be released next month. EA also does the annual announcement of ratings for players. The rankings focused on most prominent offensive rookies and were announced earlier in the day. As you might expect, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was rated a 78-overall. This is the highest-rated rookie quarterback in Madden's history.

Kyle Pitts, the Atlanta Falcons goal-changing tight-end, was rated 81 overall. The most pressing question in everyone's head is how was Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle's score as compared to those who are among the top draft prospects. You can see below, he's currently the most highly-rated rookie WR in Madden 22 as well as the third-highest offensive rookies on the field.

What does this all mean? TBH, not much unless you are playing Madden. It's amazing to see this group finally receive some recognition. Particularly, considering that Jaylen Wiggle is a promising rookie . And there are some talented wide receivers in this group. Madden will feel as if a videogame when Jaylen Waddle plays. Because each time he touches the football the ball, something catastrophic could happen. Jaylen Waddle will wear gouda for this year's football match and I'm excited for!

But again, unless you play Madden 22 this won't be a huge deal for you.This is why I decided to include this incredible video uploaded by our good friends over at Pro Football Network. Jaylen Waddle is fast and is, unless my eyes are lying to me, does not have any obvious limp.

What do you think of Jaylen Waddle (the highest-rated rookie wide receiver) in Madden 22? Are you planning to purchase this year's edition? Are you eager to watch Jaylen perform her moves?

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