Teleporting has become a possibility instead
Teleporting has become a possibility instead Sep 11

Teleporting has become a possibility instead

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It's interesting that they cleaned it up a bit and removed lots of base game sludge. Personally, I'm not bothered by this at all. I played it quite often. But I don't have time to play with my pals now.

Teleporting across the map could be longer-lasting than fighting between 1-50. It's not that the story isn't good however, clicking on the quest location and then teleporting will do nothing. There were certain quests from earlier WoW that required players to travel back forward across the map. Can you think of the entire WoW story moving you from stranglehorn the south shore every quest for 50 levels? Then you'll have to use two buttons to push to activate a massive gcd once you finally go into the fight.

In other words, both have their flaws. FF14 is much more story-driven which means that the 1-50 grind can be a little essential to know what's happening (although it is true that level increases and other items can be purchased, similar to WoW). It was a long and tedious process to tidy up the game's base games. The only thing that made me feel like I could get through it was the fact that so many said it was going to improve. WoW wasn't required to perform this, and they could easily make their vanilla game more enjoyable since the groundwork for the story was already laid in the Warcraft series. And a missing vanilla story doesn't really amount to much to the game's future.

It was not just a matter of be a few buttons with long GCDs. Much as WoW has evolved over the years, FF14 was required to improve its the gameplay base so that there's something new to discover every few levels. There's a good chance that I have five to six bars that are fully equipped and I'm using about 90% of what's available. Level squashes in WoW aren't the same as those in WoW in the past. That means that they require the same skills while leveling up. It's only minorly annoying. PVP is my only real and significant complaint. I'll never get my head about that mess.

What people need to remember is that these are separate games that can do different things better. I would rather play FF14 over FF13 over the long run because of the stronger community, the story, and the fact that it's really fun once you get into the expansions. JRPGs have always been a favorite for me and this one has so much fun that I'm kicking myself for not getting into it earlier. WoW's growth was remarkably rapid from an early version of vanilla, until the recent years. It's easy to learn and play and will always trigger all nostalgia buttons for me, however the story is often laughable and sometimes I need a little bit more than 10+ year old graphics. And that's the obvious, boring, time-gating.

Teleporting has become a possibility instead of the 10+ minute flight paths. :P I will say that "Pray come to the Waking Sands," is enough to provide me with a slight gaming trauma from a couple of years back, but it's a lmao.

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